Wednesday, November 11, 2009

favorite fast land vehicle from a video game

This refers to your favorite fast non-tank vehicle that's more fast and agile than armored and armed. Examples: the mongoose from Halo, the carts from MARIO CART, or the motorcycle from NO MORE HEROES. My favorite is the Western Frontier recon vehicle in BATTALION wars 2. The best thing about it is that it's a golf cart.


  1. Sorry to get all old skool but I've always love the vehicle you pop in and out of in Blaster Master for NES/Wii Classic console.

  2. Hi Pete, this is your Aunt Julie. I still have a very old, real Blaster truck that your uncle Stuart gave Tom when he was 4. It has been on our dog house, for almost a quarter of a century! Yikes. I have a kitten named WATson (wild ass thing). He won't let me work and thinks when I type on the computer that my fingers are his toy. We have had 2 big, wet snow storms so far this year. I am always amazed, how does summer go to winter, vice versa, but then it happens, over and over. I liked to say something funny about your blog, but computer games for me???? LV JMc